Håkan Nylén

Web (HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Ruby on Rails) and iOS developer

About Me

I am a swede who lives for development in different ways. I discovered the internet at the age of 12 and had began web development when I was 13; I had a myriad of projects and websites since then. One website I had designed was filmzon.se, a Swedish movie portal site which had as many as 23k visitors per month. I sold it later to a company and moved on to release event portals, services and blogs.

More about myself; I'm a big movie and tv-shows lover, watching tv shows such as Walking Dead and Arrow. I'm also anime-fanatic and been watching anime since 6 years back. I Live right now in Nynäshamn, 6 european miles south of Stockholm, where I work. When I play games I usually play League of Legends where you can find me on EU West. I'm lvl 30 and playing in Divison 1 Bronze. I do all this stuff when I don't talk with my loveable girlfriend.

I know my PHP, HTML & jQuery

I am an excellent specified developer focusing mainly on backend, but I also have experience with javascript and clean css style. I use Bootstrap, jQuery for my frontend and Codeigniter as well as homemade libraries for my php backend.

Experiences (as a..)

Web developer

I started coding 7 years ago as a hobby working on different projects and selling them. I have been working on many different sites from movie review blogs, movie portal websites to raw service webpages and directories.

I have knowledge and experience about frameworks such as Codeigniter.  I created a framework based on MVC and inspired by Codeigniter. I have also been working with Wordpress and with Drupal.

Summary of Experience

  • CSS
  • Jquery
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • PHP (PHP5)
  • Ruby on rails

Example of projects

iOS developer

Started as a project to learn how to code an iOS app I successfully submitted three apps on the App Store a year later.  Lyssna is a radio app that I have created that allows to add, delete and edit stations to your account available for iPhone 5, iPad and iPod touch.  Through this experience I learned how to code raw obj-c code, handle Cocoa, different elements and the flow in an iOS app.

My apps gave me the opportunity to work with BTH Innovation where I was in three different prototype projects as the main player creating all different main functionality such as login flow to customized slide-up player under tab bar.

Summary of Experience

  • Music player
  • Testflight
  • Customized tabbars and gestures
  • Ads

Example of projects

Nostalgia tag cloud of tech and concepts i know of:

PHP4 PHP5 OOP jQuery javascript prototype.js Proof of Concept HTML XHTML HTML5 CSS CSS3 html animations Bootstrap Social Media iOS Cocoa SCRUM Xcode Agile Redmine git Mac OS X Windows nginx PHP5-fpm apache elasticsearch mysql mariadb Version Control PHPUnit php doc php doc


Download my resumé in pdf.

Download my Resumé


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I love you guys // Håkan Nylén